The Concept

Ales Beers and Carols is based around a simple concept:

Drink Beer. Sing Carols.

A little while ago it occurred to us that carolling these days is a bit thankless. People have double glazed front doors, so you need a Welsh chapel male voice choir just to be heard, and often the whole thing is a bit cold and wet. Or very wet and a bit cold, or sometimes just very cold.

In the search for a warm dry venue with a ready made audience who are likely to be in a good mood already, it wasn’t long before we realised the pub would be a great location. It helped that we were sat in one while we were thinking about the problem.

In all seriousness, the pub is a social and financial centre for many communities. It employs locals and enjoys income from those who live nearby, it serves as a meeting place and landmark for travellers. Carolling was always supposed to be a social, community event with enthusiastic participation and volume of noise prized much more highly than technical accuracy or tuning. We’re simply doing what we already know to be good, and it’s difficult not to smile, pick up a carol sheet and join in.


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