Less than a week to go! Ales Beers and Carols 2014

Our first Ales Beers and Carols of 2014 is this Sunday afternoon at The Bowman. Then Monday night at The Avion and Wednesday at The Lazy Hill.

Details are here on the flyer which has been available in the pubs concerned and via some local shops and churches.

ABC 2014 FrontYou’re all more than welcome. We’ll be singing and drinking (not always at the same time – two activities, only one mouth!) and generally having a lot of fun. Please come and join in. There will be plenty of carol sheets to go around and it’s immense fun.

ABC 2014



As a precursor to this year’s carolling, we’ve produced some functional but beautiful flyers which will be winging their way to the pubs in question over the next few days.

The ABC 14 Flyer is available now if you insist on printing your own or would like to view it on your computer (mobile device, iThing, etc) and you’re welcome to distribute it. There are now four dates in the diary, and plenty of singing to be done.

Carolling in the Bowman!

We have yet another date for carolling! The Bowman, also in Aldridge, is hosting a community event on December 14th, and we’ll be there from 4:00pm helping with the carols and having lots of fun.

Please do come down and join in, it’ll be the most tremendous fun. Gary Daniel from the nearby Hothouse will be there overseeing games and I recall from last year there was the most almighty quiz.

It’s great to have the opportunity to engage with a community event like this.

Extra Date

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the carolling is extended into the beating heart of Walsall. The Black Country Arms will host a night of carolling on Monday 22nd December, and you’re all invited.

Getting ready…

Ales Beers and Carols 2014

We’re preparing for two dates in Aldridge this December: Monday 15th at The Avion and Wednesday 17th at The Lazy Hill. We’ll have the usual round of carolling with beer, with added hymn sheets and good cheer. Please come and join us and have a ball celebrating Christmas with a bit of community song!

Planning for Christmas 2014

We’re all done for 2013, and already planning for next Christmas.

We’ll be back at the Lazy Hill following this year’s lovely carolling, and already have a date for your diary. The popularity of Ales Beers and Carols has necessitated a blog to centralise all the information and make sure everybody can find out in good time, along with an invitation to join in planning and organising the events.

Have a great year, and join us for more singing in December 2014.