Carols and Cheer

Andrew’s moving into a new market for carols… quite literally.

Andrew Clayton

Walsall Council run a market in the town every weekday except Thursday. On Thursday 21st December, however, the market is on and I’ve been invited to help spread some Christmas cheer with carolling at lunchtime.

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2017 Dates

We’re back for another year of carolling in nice warm pubs:

The Avion, Aldridge 11th December.

The Black Country Arms, Walsall 13th December.

The Wheatsheaf, Walsall 18th December.

The Lazy Hill, Aldridge 20th December.

The Hardwick Arms, Streetly 21st December.

The new flyer will be up shortly, and ordered from the printers. It’s a slightly smaller affair than last year because of the commitments of the organisers to other things in the run up to Christmas, but we should have a few excellent nights of singing and drinking. See you there!

Dates and Places

The 2016 line-up is complete:

10th December, Aldridge Youth Fellowship are performing carols at Costa in Aldridge between 11:00 and 17:00.

11th December, St Paul’s Church in Walsall are carolling in The Butts Tavern from 19:30.

12th December, we’ll be in The Avion from 20:00.

14th December, St Martin’s Church are carolling at the Longhorn from 19:00.

14th December, we’ll be in The Lazy Hill from 20:00.

19th December, we’ll be in The Black Country Arms from 20:00.

20th December, St Peter’s Church Stafford St are carolling in The Pretty Bricks from 20:00.

21st December, we’ll be in The Wheatsheaf from 20:00.

22nd December, we’ll be in The Hardwick Arms from 19:30.

This information is also available on our Advent Calendar.

2016 Prep

The work is under way, and carol sheets are ordered. It’s that time of year when musician wander into pubs and sing carols while drinking beer!

This year to help keep track of all the activity in Walsall we’ve created an Advent Calendar so you can see at a glance where to go for singing and drinking.

We’re grateful to churches in Walsall for letting us know when they’re going singing so we can add them to the list. St Martin’s, St Peter’s, and St Matthew’s have carolling planned, in addition to dates from Andrew Clayton in Aldridge and Walsall.

If more dates come up in the meantime, we’ll add them to the calendar. It also shows the five Council-run Saturday events.

Whichever of the events you attend, you’ll be most welcome.


Ales Beers and Carols 2015

We’re off!

The leaflets are here, and our first date is Advent weekend at the end of November. There are more opportunities than ever to join us for some carolling in proper pubs, and we’ve been invited to help out elsewhere too. One outdoor event in Aldridge, four pubs, and an artisan bakery.

If you prefer your leaflets in electronic format, you can download your own copy here.

Everyone is most welcome to join us and join in with these events: Continue reading