About Us

In 2011, Andrew arranged a bit of carolling, tied into an open mic night at The White Lion in Walsall. Seeing a good thing in progress, he also booked a date at The Lazy Hill in Aldridge.

In 2012, we played carols and drank beer in The White Lion, The Black Country Arms, and back at The Lazy Hill once again, this time with slightly larger crowds and more noise, but still with excellent beer.

By 2013, Ales Beers and Carols was growing. We booked dates for the Black Country Arms and The Lazy Hill, but not knowing the new management at The White Lion we left that for a year, and tried our hand in The Avion which had opened in Aldridge. We played for a Community Carol Service at The Bowman and it finally got to the stage that Andrew was spending more time singing carols in pubs than in church.

This watershed being reached, it was time for ABC (which shares its initials with the Archbishop of Canterbury, apparently) to become more of a team effort and engage a wider audience. We have this blog, and are happy to list other pub carols events in Walsall, so everyone can find out about them. We’re also open to new team members. If you want to help out, join in, sing up and drink beer, just let us know. In fact, if you want to run your own Ales Beers and Carols where you live, we’ll help where we can and support your efforts. Simply get in touch.

We hope you’ll join us for the next Ales Beers and Carols in Advent 2016. Stick the dates in the diary, come along and sing up.


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